Arches, Larnaca

Arches, Larnaca, Камарес-Старый Акведук Ларнаки,

Καμάρες Λάρνακας, Πηγή: giannis39

The Arches is the most known part of the old aqueduct of Larnaca which was built, around 1745, with a donation of Abu Bekir Pasha-transaction utility wholly unusual by a Turkish officer in the Ottoman period.

Today the entire district surrounding area gets its name from the characteristic structure.

Οι Καμάρες σε επιχρωματισμένο σχέδιο αγγλικού περιοδικού του 1878 Πηγή: larnaka.files

The Arches in copperplate draft English magazine in 1878. View from the opposite low hill overlooking to the sea where the British Navy naflochouse occupation of Cyprus. A caravan of camels laden goes to town, maybe coming from Limassol. 

Source: larnaka.files

In the map the follows, point 31,  you can spot the exact site of the Arches Larnaka.

Καμάρες Λάρνακας, Πηγή: giannis39

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