Psilo Dendro (Platres) – Karvounas Cycling Route

Psilo Dendro (Platres) – Karvounas Cycling Route

All seven rest and view points are located along the first nine kilometres of the route, overlooking Platres valley and linking it with Moniatis. The southern shores of the island and the city of Lemesos stretch out in the distance, and the horizon extends as far as Cape Gata.

Six kilometres from the starting point, the route crosses the Mesa Potamos river. The dense vegetation in this corner of the eastern slopes of the Troodos Mountain creates a cool, almost chilly environment, even in the hottest summer months. There are rest benches and fresh running water is freely available for visitors to drink when they stop here for a well-earned break.

The nearby village of Pano Platres, one kilometre away, provides hotel and other tourist accommodation, restaurants, cafes, banks and shops.

Karvounas is one of the main junctions of the Troodos cycling network. It forms the administrative boundary between Lemesos district to the south and Lefkosia district to the north.

Start Point: Psilo Dendro, Platres

End Point: Karvounas

Total Distance: 16,2 kilometres

Difficulty Rate: Low with very good accessibility by bicycle.

Road Conditions: Good quality tarmac and forest dirt track in good condition (Depending on weather conditions).

Source: Cyprus Tourism Organisation

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