Byzantine church of Agios Dometios

Byzantine church of Agios Dometios

The chapel of St. Dometios is built on a hill with open caves in the south of the City and was the first church to Saint Dometios.

The church, with dome, belongs to the Francish – Byzantine era. It is built with square stones and its dimensions are 13.50 X 7.40 meters. It has two doors, with the main entrance on the west side and the other in the north. The west door leads to an arch similar to the ones found in Gothic churches. The wooden shrine was built in 1850 AD and a damaged inscription preserved in the shrine chrysothike learn that the time was Archbishop Makarios A (1854-1856).

The ornaments of the church include a damaged fresco of St. Savvas, St. Dometios and St. Ambrosios, a throne, a pulpit.

The church was used by Christians prior to the erection of the new Saint Georgios church in 1902.

Source: Municipality of Saint Dometios

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