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Thailand is Southeast Asia’s premiere tourist destination with millions of tourists annually sampling its alluring combination of spectacular natural splendor, inspiring ancient temples, superb cuisines as well as wonderful hospitality. People who are planning a tour to this beautiful country will be able to select from an array breathtaking travel destinations. There are a number of stunning Thai islands from which they can choose and other type of travel destinations.

Important Information about Thailand

There are a number of stunning mountains, wonderful flora and fauna as well as distinctive hill tribes. For tourists who prefer a relaxing beach holiday, they can choose to visit one of the many Thai travel destinations like Pattaya, Phuket, Samui or Kho Chang. The country has something for every traveler regardless of their taste which is why it’s the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Below are some of the most popular travel destinations in Thailand.

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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and almost all travelers coming to Thailand will pass through this popular destination. This city is without a doubt one destination where each traveler ought to spend a couple of days during their holiday in the country. There are many great attractions in Bangkok such as spectacular shopping malls, Buddhist temples, as well as unique activities like the floating market.


Pattaya is among the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. This beach resort is closest to the city of Bangkok which is why most local Bangkok residents tour Pattaya during the weekends. The biggest attraction here is the lively nightlife found in Pattaya. There are many night clubs and beer bars where travelers can intermingle with the Thai people. The quickest way to reach Pattaya from the capital is by car. There are many taxis from Bangkok to Pattaya and it will cost you not more than 1,200 THB.

Koh Chang

This island is nick named “Southeast Asia’s last untouched paradise” since much of its areas are yet to be discovered by contemporary explorations and have not been built with infrastructures and establishments. Koh Chang has almost everything that nature has to offer and you’ll fully appreciate the gifts of nature in this stunning island. Families can lease natively built bungalows where they will feel comfortable throughout their stay. Koh Chang is the finest getaway place for families that want a peaceful vacation.

Chiang Mai

Wat Chedi Luang famous Chedi with a monk

Chiang Mai is a popular tourist attraction mostly due to the best shopping experience it has to offer. Tourists often crowd Chiang Mai market that opens every day from 5pm until midnight. The night marketplace here has many goods that will satisfy every traveler. There are many goods like outfits, shoes, souvenir items baggage etc. Also, there are several clubs and bars in various places which provide very cheap prices. Chiang Mai is undoubtedly the best place for a family vocation.


Situated in the east coast of Thailand, Samui is a stunning tropical island. This island has many beautiful beaches. Most of the renowned beaches are situated in the east coast of Koh Samui. They include Big Buddha beach, Lamai beach, and Chaweng beach. If you need a resort area that offers abundance of activities as well as nightlife venues, be sure to book a resort or hotel in Chaweng beach. Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways both offer several flights every day from Bangkok to Samui.


Phuket has become one of the premier tourist attractions in South East Asia. It is also one of the busiest travel destinations in Thailand. The beaches of Phuket Island are popular owing to their lucid waters of the Andaman Sea and crystal white sand. Phuket is a budget-friendly holiday destination since most hotels, resorts and guesthouses are found in all price categories. They are considerably cheaper. Dining in eateries or purchasing drinks in clubs or bars in Phuket is also less expensive than what most foreigners are used to paying in their home countries.

If you are planning to travel in Thailand, keep in mind that the only thing you’ll find lacking in this country is the time to see everything that Thailand has to offer. With plenty of tourist attractions to discover and explore, the country has everything that you need irrespective of your taste.


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