Tips When Travelling On a Budget

Tips When Travelling On a Budget

There are many times that we have to plan our travel on a tight budget. At these times we have to take care of many things to cut our expenses. Generally it seems that it is a difficult task to maintain your expenses under your control but the fact is that it can be done if you keep some basic points in mind.


INTERNATIONAL STUDENT IDENTITY CARD can be availed by applying online for it and any person above 12 years fulfils the criteria of applying for it. The card ensures you many discounts when you are travelling abroad. In fact the card is used not only to get discounts on flights but on many departmental stores and hotels as well.


Check for the off seasons discounts on the flights from your country to your destination place. It may be possible to get some extra discount on a festive season. The advance booking of your ticket also gives you some more discounts in comparison to the booking of the ticket at the time of your travel.


When you get to the place, do not use the private means of transport like booking a cab to get to any place or your hotel, rather prefer the public transport or the metro, whatever is available there. Generally the private cab owners cost you much more than the general price for the local ones there so avoid opting for it.


It may be possible that being a stranger you get into a restaurant and you have to pay much for the services there. Always check for the prices there about the cost of the item and the cost of the services like that for the waiter. It may be possible that they charge more for the services in comparison to that of the item that you ordered. You need to be careful about the costs included in the bill as well. Remember that it is your responsibility to take care of it as it is your money.


If you are on a budget travel, try to bargain as much as you can. There is no place in general where you cannot bargain for anything you may. Many times you can bargain even for the hotels where you are staying. The bargain is a better option to cut your expenses if done at the right time on the right place.


There are many taxes included when you are shopping at the other place and paying through your credit card. It cost you much more than you should be charged for that specific item. Always try to pay in the local cash of that place. You can exchange your local currency to the currency of that place at the airport itself and hence try to get a sufficient amount of local cash.

These are some of the main points which if kept in mind will certainly help you to keep your expenses down.

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