Visiting Amazing Amsterdam with Children

Visiting Amazing Amsterdam With ChildrenMetatitle: Visiting Amazing Amsterdam With Children

Metadescription: When you travel to Amsterdam, city hotel accommodation is perfect for those with families. Here are some top child friendly attractions in the city.

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While the Dutch capital has a reputation as a fast and fun holiday destination, geared mainly towards the younger and more adventurous traveller, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In actual fact the city hosts a wealth of child-friendly attractions and activities if you know where to look.

When taking the family to this city, Amsterdam centre hotel accommodation will place you close to many wonderful cultural and historical attractions, as well as some that are just for fun! While in this delightful city, take the kids to visit the NEMO Science Center, explore the many canals that criss-cross the central area and spend some time in the National Maritime Museum of Amsterdam. City hotel staff will be pleased to point you in the direction if these any many more attractions suitable for children.

The Fascinating NEMO Science Center

Opened in 1997 and situated on the famous and picturesque Oosterdok Pier, this place is a treasure trove for young visitors. It’s not hard to spend an entire day wandering around the many interactive exhibits and young minds will be stimulated by the science and technology on display. There is plenty to keep adults entertained as well and this is truly an attraction suitable for all ages. Half a million people every year can’t be wrong, and this has become on of the most visited museums in the city. Amsterdam city hotel accommodation close by means that you may even be able to walk to get there.

The National Maritime Museum

Also known as Het Scheepvaartmuseum the building that is home to this fascinating museum is well worth the visit alone. For those youngsters who love anything to do with boast and ships this is a must-see – and any other will soon be converted! The interactive exhibits will take visitors through the history of the maritime industry in The Netherlands and beyond, and through the ship building process itself.

Wander the Myriad Canals of the City

The canals that meander and criss-cross the city are the most iconic symbol of Amsterdam. City hotel accommodation means you can stay right in the thick of things and many hotels are situated right on the water. It makes for a wonderfully relaxing way to spend a day with the family to wander beside these canals, taking in the sights, sounds and ambience of one of Europe’s prettiest cities.

While many canals are well known – like the colourful and eclectic Waalseilandsgracht Canal – many of the smaller ones are well worth seeing too. The sight of pleasure craft and houseboats bobbing in the water at every turn will delight children. SAIL Amsterdam, a vibrant parade of old ships is held every five years and at this time the canals come alive with hundreds and hundreds of the vintage watercraft of Amsterdam. City hotel accommodation naturally books out early for this much-anticipated event, so if it’s something you think you would enjoy, plan well ahead!

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