Five tips to saving up for your dream holiday


holidayIt would be pretty tough to find someone who says they don’t like holidays.

A trip abroad remains one of the most desired luxuries for Brits and many other individuals across the world. Most people could tell you what their dream holiday destination is if you asked them, although many will say they could never afford it.

These people are wrong! Anyone could save for their dream holiday if they really put their mind to it. Here’s five tips for how to make this easier.

Make it a priority

The first step to reaching your dream destination is promising yourself it is going to happen. Make a conscious decision to prioritise this experience. Write it down. Tell your friends. Tell your mum.

Now, figure out how much it’s going to cost to make it happen and set yourself a savings plan. Work out what sacrifices you’re going to make but don’t cut out important holiday essentials like medical holiday insurance you may need.

Look for bargains

The price of a holiday can sway dramatically depending on a whole range of factors. You could potentially cut hundreds of pounds off your holiday by flying at an off-peak times. Most airlines hike their prices during the school holidays and other popular flying times. Scour the internet for vouchers, discounts, cash-back websites or air miles deals. This could be well worth the demands on your time.

Set a deadline

Those who say they’ll do something ‘one day’ are opening the door for excuses, delays and the chance that the experience will never happen. Avoid this by setting a deadline for the relatively near future. Book the time off work. Make yourself accountable. Now, you can work out exactly how much money you need to save.

Get excited!

You may have to sacrifice some of your everyday pleasures in order to meet your savings goals. This lifestyle change could get tough at some point so it’s important to keep reminding yourself of the ultimate reward for your sacrifices.

Print out some pictures of the glorious beach or the beautiful hotel you are soon going to be visiting. Perhaps save it as the wallpaper on your mobile phone. Research your destination intermittently and start a countdown until the trip. All this can make it seem worthwhile sticking with last season’s wardrobe.

Make money

Most of the Western world is still in a economic downturn. Hours are being cut and wages are being frozen. There is enough turmoil around for anyone to find an excuse that ruins their holiday dream.

Yet, for people with the right mind-set, there are still plenty of opportunities around to make a bit of extra cash on the side too. Selling unwanted junk has never been easier thanks to websites like eBay. There are plenty of web-based entrepreneurs who are making products and selling them at a profit. If you’ve got a talent, why not offer it as a service.

Take an evening job if you have to. Just tell yourself that failure is not an option. Do whatever it takes to get that dream holiday.

See you on the beach.

Sun worshipper and travel blogger Sam Bartlett can’t wait to hit the beach this year, but she’s still saving up for her dream destination of Malaysia. Sam writes this post for pre-existing medical and disability travel insurer Free Spirit.

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