The Caribbean’s Top 3 Vantage Points

The Caribbean’s Top 3 Vantage PointsMake your Caribbean wedding more memorable by choosing the perfect vantage points in the region. Here are some.


There are few places in the Caribbean that are definitely better than anywhere else in terms of the views they give the visitor. Although such places are great for some soul searching, they also serve as a crucial element in many a meticulously planned Caribbean wedding. For that reason, here are the three best and most sought-after ‘high places’ in the region.

A Sense of History at Rick’s Cafe

Rick’s Cafe first opened its doors for business back in the early 1970s when opening such a business in the island of Jamaica may be considered ill advised. Since then, this cafe—perched on top of a cliff that gives the visitor sweeping panoramic ocean views, as well as a bird’s eye view of the coastline—has grown to earn respect and admiration as Jamaica’s little institution. Thanks to its unique location in Central Negril, Rick’s Cafe has long been considered a perfect setting to further enhance a meticulously planned Caribbean wedding. Moreover, things become more magical at the end of the day, just when the sun starts receding in the horizon. The droves of tourists who flock to the cafe do so because of the legendary sunsets—in fact, it is common for tourists to actually applaud the setting sun, as if merely finishing the day is a grand performance.

Always the Pitons

The twin peaks called the Pitons in the island of St Lucia have been among the most sought-after backdrops as far as the perfect Caribbean wedding is concerned. Intimate celebrations, with the majestic, cloud-covered mountain peaks in the background, become much more special. The Pitons (Gros Piton is the taller one while the one that is lesser in stature is, quite reasonably, called Petit Piton) are well loved among avid mountain climbers, as well as spirited hikers. Mostly, negotiating the steep slopes of the mountain is a significant barrier to entry to anyone who is not fit enough to engage in the uphill adventure. However, the twin peaks are not always there to be scaled—often, they can still serve in their own quiet, non-intrusive way by merely providing a majestic element in any setting.

The Stunning Views at Shirley Heights

Shirley Heights is well known in the island of Antigua not only because of how it enhances the overall mood and look of any Caribbean wedding, but also because it is one of only a few places in the Caribbean where you can enjoy sweeping views of the English and Falmouth harbours, and where you can see even as far as the nearby islands of Guadalupe and Montserrat. Its sunsets are also to die for—and we mean that in the most positive way. There seems to be something so compelling about watching the sun slowly set in the distant horizon, especially if you view it from Shirley Heights.



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