5 Super Cool Travel Tools- Must Haves For The Modern Traveler!

5 Super Cool Travel Tools- Must Haves For The Modern Traveler!Traveling has certainly changed from the times of our childhoods, or perhaps even those of our children’s. The age of information and technology continues to supply us with incredible innovations that make travel fun, entertaining, easier, quicker, more convenient and even in some cases, much safer. Some of the most recent unique innovations for those who fancy globetrotting are out-of-this-world and go well beyond more simplistic travel tools like what is now considered, old GPS technology.

Incredible Travel Tools

Many of the new innovations were created to help globetrotters who utilize air travel often to still make it to their destinations with their preferred lotions, antibacterials, perfumes and other liquids that the TSA may not allow in larger quantities. In fact, many of the most appreciated travel tools allow consumers to condense all of the items they will require for their trip.

The Credit Card Antibacterial Spray – As stated, this item comes in the form of a credit card that will easily fit in your wallet or billfold. Not only does this keep your liquid content under required safety levels, but it also provides you a compact and easy to reach tool for purifying your hands after coming in contact with heavily traveled areas on the aircraft.

Rollable Shoes – No, these aren’t shoes with wheels on them that will allow you to roll past walking traffic in the terminal or the bus station. What they are, are fashionably designed ladies shoes that roll right up into such a compact ball you could tuck several pairs away in your carry on.

Packing Pro – If you are looking for serious instruction on how to pack your luggage with the most compact and wrinkle-free methods around, you might want to grab an app from the App Store or Google Play called Packing Pro. This app will tell you how to pack everything from ultra-sensitive night or club wear, to more packs of shoes than you could imagine getting in one bag.

Itinerary Assistance – If you are going on an extended trip with many responsibilities, stopovers or unfamiliar tasks in your path, you may want to take advantage of an intenerary organization service like those offered by WorldMate and TripIt. These services can keep you on task, comfortable with your surroundings and often most importantly, on schedule.

Digital Access Now – One uncertainty is certain when traveling these days, you may or may not be able to find WiFi access easily or readily available in all locations. Another superb application for any mobile device that can help with this issue is called Hotspotr, and using this app allows you to search for WiFi in any public places within the United States as well as in some areas internationally.

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