Episkopi Paphos Environmental Information Centre

Episkopi Paphos Environmental Information CentreThe Episkopi Environmental Information Centre is located within the boundaries of Episkopi village, on the main road that connects the village with Paphos town. It is only 11 km away from the roundabout at the entrance of Paphos. The Episkopi Paphos Community Council is responsible for the management of the Centre. The Centre is staffed by a specialist environmentalist.

Objectives of the Centre

1. To highlight, promote and protect the ecological and cultural characteristics of the Ezousa Valley.

2. To contribute to the sustainable development of the area.

Episkopi is a small village built οn the western slope of the Ezousas Valley and preserves many elements of traditional architecture of the region. The village is built around the largest monolith of Cyprus.

The Ezousa Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Cyprus. Due to its high ecological value it has been included in the European network of protected areas NATURA 2000 as a “Place of Community Importance” under the EU Directive 92/43/EEC and as ‘Special Protection Area’ for birds under the EU Directive 2009/147/ EC.


Reception area

Provides information, printed materials, sale of books, DVD and souvenirs.


Screening room

A film on the environment of the Ezousa valley is projected. The film lasts 24 minutes and presents a large number of flora and fauna species. The screening room can be used for lectures, meetings or other events.

Exhibition room

It provides information about the geology, flora and fauna of the Ezousas Valley by using high quality photographic material, touch-screens, dioramas, micro-dioramas and collections.


The centre has a laboratory with microscope, stereoscopes and computers and can be used by pupils, students or other researchers.

Botanical garden

The centre is surrounded by a botanical garden where the significant plants of the area, organised in thematic groups (habitats, endemics, bulbs, rare plants) may be seen. There are also many other plants typical of Cyprus which are not found in the Ezousa valley, as well as geological specimens from the main geological formations of the valley.

Episkopi Paphos Environmental Information Centre

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There is a €2 entrance fee for all visitors

Opening hours

June – February: 09:00-14:00 Monday – Friday. March – May: 09:30-14:00 Monday – Saturday

* By arrangement for organised groups

** Closed on public holidays

Address: Episkopi Paphos Environmental Information Centre Τ.Κ: 8524, Episkopi, Paphos

Telephone 00357– 26642234 Fax 00357– 26642936

Website: www.epeicentre.com

Email: epeicentre@cytanet.com.cy

Episkopi Paphos Environmental Information Centre

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