Holy Virgin Mary of Kanakaria

Kanakaria ChurchThe small photograph showes what has been left from the unique mosaic at the church of Virgin Mary Kanakaria at Lithrangomi, Karpasia, which dates back to the first half of the 6th century, at Justinian era. A small part of the mosaic is still kept in the church most of it having been forcibly removed.

Similar damage has been done to the fresco above the entrance. It is absolutely necessary for the authorities to take conservation measures.

Source: PIO

Sadly, the rich cultural heritage of the northern part of Cyprus has, since 1974 (due to the invasion of Turkish troops in Cyprus) been systematically subjected toextensive damage, disfigurement and theft by the occupying forces.*

*WARNING: For your own safety you are advised NOT to visit the area of the Cyprus Republic under Turkish military occupation.


Holy Virgin Mary of Kanakaria

Holy Virgin Mary of Kanakaria

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