Camels and Donkeys Route

foto 11Camels and Donkeys Route

Technical Info:

• Distance: 47 km
• Level of Difficulty: Average (+500m of total ascent)
• Bike Required: Trekking
• Points of Interest: Rural villages, Camel Park Mazotos, Golden Donkeys Farm

foto12This fun route takes you from the back of a camel to the saddle of a bike, then to the back of a donkey and back on your bike again, as you alternate between different saddles throughout the day.

The day starts at the Camel Park in Mazotos Village, where you will have the chance to enjoy a supervised camel ride around the park grounds. From there, your ride takes you along the villages of Mazotos, Alaminos and Agios Theodoros before you enter the well-preserved village of Skarinou. Once you reach the centre of the village, simply follow the Golden Donkey to reach the Golden Donkeys Farm, where around 50 donkeys will welcome you – ready to take you on a ride around the farm.

Aside from donkeys, the farm also incorporates a small Wax Museum that showcases traditional Cypriot professions, whilst the park offers further attractions, as well as a restaurant and gift shop with locally made products.

The way back to your starting point is a smoother ride on the saddle of a bike, taking you along the coastal road from Agios Theodoros to Mazotos Village.

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