A Blue flag beaches in Cyprus

Blue FlagA Blue flag beaches in Cyprus

In this section the First Cyprus Tourist Website www.cyprushighlights.com presents all the beaches of Cyprus which meet the requirements and are part of the Blue Flag program.

A Blue flag beach: Has clean water fro swimming, is clean and is inspected regularly, has a proper waste management programme, has clean lavatories, is not polluted, has a lifeguard on duty, life-saving equipment and a first-aid kit, at least one beach per local authority has some facilities for disabled people, provides information about protected and vulnerable natural areas nearby, offers environmental and nature activities organized by the local authority, informs you if there is any danger of pollution.

Enjoy the beach with safety: locate the lifeguard and the rescue equipment, keep an eye on signs or flags which advise against swimming, do not dive into the water unless you know it is deep enough, only enter the water where allowed and never swim during bad weather, learn how to swim and do not swim alone, swim along the coast and not in the open sea, go swimming only when you feel fit – never when you have been drinking, be careful when using rubber boats or air mattresses. You can float far away from the shore. Should an accident occur, alert the liguard or call for helo using the telephone number 1441.

Protect what you care about: Use the waste bins and do not leave garbage on the beach, use the lavatories – not the water, respect other users of the beach, dogs are not allowed on the beach, respect nature and the wildlife of the area, sort your waste into the correct bins, do not camp on the beach, it is illegal to light a fire, cigarette butts are also garbage, read and obey the specific local rules.

Source: Cymepa & Cyprus Tourism Organisation

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