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Apoel MuseumAPOEL Museum

His own museum acquires APOEL this year, with the completion of 90 years of glorious history of sports, social and cultural life of Cyprus. This beautiful initiative of Volunteer APOEL Friends who with proper planning and organization proceeded to the realization of this difficult but very important endeavor. Creating APOEL museum has as its main objective – pillar the preservation, promotion and projection of the glorious history of APOEL. To remember the old and young people learn about important sports achievements APOEL.

The museum is housed in APOEL club building and inter alia:

Story room where through the windows will be placed relics in order to highlight the historical and sports history APOEL. Presidents and reports projection room where you will change various themes for APOEL history. Sports trophy room (championships, cups, shields) Hall football trophies. Screening hall. Hall of APOEL fans where the history of APOEL fans will be screened. Europe Hall where APOEL banners and will become a special tribute will be placed to qualify APOEL 8 best teams of Europe.

The inauguration of the museum will be APOEL in November 2016 after having completed 90 years since the establishment of APOEL.

Source: www.apoelmuseum.com

District: Nicosia

Address: John Kennedy

Accreditation: Athletic Football Club of Greeks of Nicosia

Season: All year.

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Facilities: –

Website / Email: www.apoelmuseum.com / info@apoelmuseum.com, kgalides@apoel.com.cy

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