Byzantine Museum of Holy Bishopric of Tamasos and Oreinis

Byzantine Museum of Holy Bishopric of Tamasos and OreinisByzantine Museum of Holy Bishopric of Tamasos and Oreinis

The inauguration of the Byzantine Museum of the Metropolis Tamasos and Oreinis took place Thursday, the 15th of September 2016, by Metropolitan Tamasos and Oreinis Isaiah and Communications Minister of Transport and Works, Mr. Marios Demetriades. The museum is an initiative of the holy Bishop Tamasos and Oreinis Isaiah housed within the Episcopal Palace in Episkopeio community. The Museum houses priceless Byzantine and post-Byzantine relics dating from the 5th to the beginning of the 20th century.

Particularly important was the contribution and cooperation of communities for the establishment of the museum. Some of the exhibits come from the personal collection of Tamasos and Oreinis Metropolitan  Isaiah. Visitors to the Museum of the Holy Metropolis Tamasos and Oreinis have the ability to see through the exhibits the history and art of the region and Tamasos and Oreinis for centuries. The aim of the museum is to collect, protect, study and display of works of art and objects from the early years of Christianity until the early 20th century. It also seeks to be the heart of a cultural area, which lacks the region, and to disclose to the public the religious Orthodox Byzantine history of the region, as reflected through the exhibits.

District: Nicosia

Address: Avenue Stavros Stylianidis 2642 Episkopeio Nicosia

Accreditation: Metropolis Tamasos and Oreinis

Season: All year

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 to 13:00. Hits evenings and weekends after contacting the phone 00357-99774770.

Facilities: The museum is accessible to people on wheelchair. There are toilets for people in wheelchairs. There are parking spaces.

Website / Email: /

Contact Telephone / Fax: 00357-22465465 / 00357-22624600

Admission Fee: Free

Supply Fee: –

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