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The RIK Radio Museum, housed in the new building RIK File. The museum exhibition, complete documentation of the most important material, which was used by the Public Broadcasting over the years. Apart from the technical equipment which was necessary for the production and transmission of the broadcast program from the first years of the creation of the RIK, the Museum houses and dozens of other museum objects, inside of which is recorded in a unique way, the history of the Foundation and its producers.

As such it is the first camera that was used to RIK tilethalamous, the first musical instruments that accompanied and highlighted great Cypriot artists, the first dolls were the first production puppetry in Cypriot television, authentic costumes which were used in series that made history , microphones with which broadcast historic events and more.

Important place in the exhibition material of the museum holding and utilitarian objects that are associated with the tragic events of 1974: the original texts of news with which recited the refugee problem are the days of the Turkish invasion, the historic proclamation of Archbishop Makarios from Paphos ( in sound and in printed form) the evening of July 15, 1974, and the speech on his return to Cyprus in December of the same year. also exposed the famous message recording machine to the enclaved, since for many years after the tragic events, RIK was the only channel of communication for free to the occupied areas.

The Museum RIK Broadcasting aspires to soon become interactive visits space for pupils, students, individuals and organized groups, which are going through the exhibits to learn about not only the history of the Public Broadcasting of the place, but of history itself and Culture of Cyprus as a whole.

Source: Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation

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Accreditation: Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation

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