Museum Glafcos Clerides

Museum Glafcos CleridesMuseum Glafcos Clerides

The Glafcos Clerides museum is housed in the building Metropolis Tamasos and Oreinis. This personal collection of personal belongings of the President of the Republic in the period 1993 – 2003 Glafcos Clerides.

Within the collection reflects the unique range of diverse personality and is an admirable synthesis of the universal Greek and Christian principles which he served. Personal collection Glafcos Clerides donated to the Bishopric Tamasos and Oreinis and his daughter Katy Cleridou.

An important part of the collection is armor of the 19th century as kariofilia, trombones, pistols, sabers, scimitars and belts. In the collection there are swords, critically knives, Japanese swords, knives African, Arabic swords and knives, daggers and bayonets modern. Also in the collection is quite large number of silver, silver-plated and hagiographic images taken by various agencies Glafcos Clerides. In the collection there are many folk art objects, such as carved wooden chests, wooden souvantza, glass perfume bottles, glass oil lamps as well as several other decorative silver objects.

District: Nicosia

Address: Avenue Stavros Stylianidis 2642 Episkopeio Nicosia

Accreditation: Metropolis Tamasos and Oreinis

Season: All year

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 to 13:00. Hits evenings and weekends after contacting the phone 00357-99774770.

Facilities: The museum is accessible to people in wheelchairs. There are toilets for people in wheelchairs. There are parking spaces.

Website / Email: /

Contact Telephone / Fax: 00357-22465465 / 00357-22624600

Admission Fee: Free

Supply Fee: –

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