Museum of History and Heritage Municipality Lakatamia

Museum of History and Heritage Municipality LakatamiaMuseum of History and Heritage Municipality Lakatamia

The History and Heritage of the Municipality of Lakatamia find in Agia Paraskevi parish in the traditional core of Lakatamia community. The area got its name from the church located at the rear of the museum courtyard.

The church began to be built in 1897 and was completed in 1903. In the courtyard of the work and the first Municipal School Lakatamia, which was housed in a small building at the side of the church, built in 1906. The space was no longer used as a school in 1932 when it worked the neoclassic building of the First Elementary School.

Museum of History and Heritage Municipality LakatamiaThe space in which is housed the Museum is a traditional house built in 1922, as indicated above the main entrance. Following the traditional rural architecture of Cyprus, the building is built in L shape. The courtyard of the house, which played an important role in the daily activities of the residents and their social life, surrounded by a high wall. Cypriots, for thousands of years, they built up half of the 20th century with the same familiar local building materials: stone and mud brick for the walls, wood beams and reed-psatharkes for ceiling tiles for the roof.

The Museum aims to rescue, to study and highlight the history and cultural heritage of Lakatamia, a small rural community in the mid 20th century numbered fewer than 3000 inhabitants fifty years later is a modern city of 45,000 residents. Through the objects exposed attempted the representation of life of Cypriot society in the 19th and 20th century. This is achieved through the wealth of objects hosted by the rich collection of Mr. Paula Theodosiadou but also exhibits of Lakatamia Municipality derived from citizens donations, Mrs. Christina Tsiakli, Mr. Eurydice laugh, Mr. Androulla Christoforou and Mr. Alekos Evangelos.

Museum of History and Heritage Municipality LakatamiaIn the five rooms of the main house, presents the basic premises and main equipment (furniture, utensils and tools), a traditional house: the bedroom (bedroom), the maeirko (kitchen), solar (living room), the pride of voufa (the argaliou), the auxiliary space for the preparation of various foods (halloumi, bread, trachana, sausages, etc.). In two rooms on the west side of the courtyard exposed objects relating to farming activities characteristic of Lakatamia: the cultivation of cereals, olives, vines, livestock and basketry.

(Text information: Anastasia Chamatsou responsible Museological Study)

District: Nicosia

Address: Holy Paraskevi 8 Lakatamia

Accreditation: Municipality Lakatamia

Season: All year

Opening hours: Only organized visits on call.

Facilities: Parking is available in the church. The museum is accessible to people in wheelchairs. There are toilets for people in wheelchairs. Is guided to the museum in Greek language. There is information material for the museum which is free and is given in Greek language. There are media for different views concerning the tradition and the folklore culture. Interactive exercises of the museum such as traditional bread fermentation etc.

Contact Telephone / Fax: 00357-22364097 / 00357-22380688

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Ticket Price: Free Entry

Supply Fee: –

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