Tala Cultural Center

Tala Cultural Center

The Cultural Center has Tala Church and Archaeological Museum. The Ecclesiastical Museum, housed in the monumental church of St. Catherine, exposed church icons (16th-20th century) and artifacts. In a specially designed area, located in the Cultural Centre, houses the Archaeological Museum and Thekleios Library.

The Archaeological Museum houses finds from the Early Bronze Age to the Ottoman Period, robes, scepter, coins and gifts received by the Archbishop of New Justinian and All Cyprus Chrysostomos II.

The Thekleios Library, enriched with 6000 volumes of quality scientific publications, is available to the reading public.

District: Paphos

Address: Tala

Accreditation: Holy Holy Temple Church Committee Catherine Tala – Paphos Bishopric

Season: All year

Hours: The museum is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 9:00 to 13:00. Saturday and Sunday Closed

Facilities: Parking is available. There are toilets for people in wheelchairs. The museum is accessible to people in wheelchairs. There is a small booklet about the history of the museum (in Greek language). Next to the museum there is a store with religious items where visitors can buy various souvenirs such as images, rosaries and traditional Cypriot products. Payments by cash and by credit card.

Telephones / Fax: 00357-99389380 /

Website / Email: www.talaecclesiasticmuseum.com / –

Entrance Fee: Free

Supply Fee: –

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