Chantara Falls

Chantara Falls

They are situated on the Trooditissa or Diplos Potamos river bed north of the village of Fini, within the state forest, at an altitude of 1035m. The water fall is 8 meters high. The rocks in the area are composed mainly of gabbro. The surrounding vegetation comprises mainly pine forests with Pinus brutia and the Quercus alnifolia as an understorey, Arbutus andrachne and many other bushes and shrubs.

Plane trees (Platanus orientalis) and Alder (Alnus orientalis) are dominant in the river bed together with other riverine plants. According to tradition the falls took their name from the word “andara” which for the surrounding villages means “noise of the waters”.

The visitor may reach the falls either from Foini village, a 1,5 km long road (0,3 km is asphalt and 1,2 km dirt road), the Trooditissa Monastery (3,5 km dirt road) and from the village of Pano Platres 5,5 km (2,9 km asphalt and 2,6 km dirt road).

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