Kaledonia Falls

Kaledonia Falls

They are situated on the river bed of Kryos Potamos at the Troodos National Forest Park at an altitude of 1330m north of the Pano Platres village. The water fall is 13 meters high. The rocks of this area are composed mainly of wehrlite and other rocks of the Troodos ophiolite complex. The flora surrounding the falls comprises mainly pine trees, both Pinus brutia as well as Pinus nigra ssp. pallasiana and the endemic Quercus alnifolia as an understorey.

The riverine flora with the various forms and colours is characterized by the Platanus orientalis, Alnus orientalis and Hedera helix which prefers shady and moist areas. According to tradition, the fall derives its name from the Scottish visitors who were enchanted by the beauty of the scenery that reminded them of their own country which was called Kaledonia in ancient times, so they called these falls “Kaledonia Falls”. The Kaledonia falls are thought to be the most attractive falls in Cyprus also because of the fascinating scenery and the tens of thousands of travelers visiting the place every year.

The visitor may reach the falls through the Kaledonia nature trail which has two starting points. One of them begins at the point on the “Kryos Potamos” river near the summer Presidential Residence at Troodos, and the other from the “Psilon Dentron” point near the village of Platres. The trail is two and one kilometers in length respectively.

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