Myllomeris Falls

Myllomeris Falls

They are situated in the Kryos Potamos river bed southeast of the Pano Platres village at 980m altitude near the Panayia Phaneromeni church. The height of the water fall is 20 meters and it is the highest of the Troodos falls. The rocks in the area are composed mainly of diabase. The surrounding flora is almost the same as in the Kaledonia falls. It comprises mainly pine forests (Pinus brutia).

Platanus orientalis and Alnus orientalis thriving along the narrow river bed and they enhance the feeling of coolness experienced by the visitor. Cupressus sempervirens is found on the rocky slopes as well as the endemic Asperula cypria, Helichrysum italicum, endemic Ptilostermon chamaepeuce and many other interesting plant species. According to tradition the fall took its name from the words “millos” which means moist and the word “meros” which means area.

The visitor can reach the fall from Pera Pedi village, a 4,2 km distance (2,1 km asphalt, 1,9 km dirt road and 0,2 km cement road) and from Pano Platres towards Moniatis, a 3,8 distance (2,8 asphalt, 0,3 dirt road and 0,7 cement road). Also from the Phaneromeni Church in Pano Platres there is a one kilometer long nature trail leading to the falls.

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