Pafos Airport in its second decade

Pafos Airport in its second decade

Pafos Airport has entered into its second decade of operations, managed by Hermes Airports Ltd. On the occasion of this event and the excellent results achieved during the first half of 2017, in terms of total passenger traffic which amounted to 4.1 million passengers, or an increase of 17.8%, the Honorary-Lifetime Chairman and founder of the consortium, Mr. Nikos Shacolas, together with the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Panayiotis Hadjipantelis and the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Ms Eleni Kaloyirou welcomed at Pafos airport, city’s high officials and offered them a tour of the terminal.

Members of the Parliament, the Mayors of Pafos region, the District Officer, the Chairs of the Pafos Chamber and the Pafos 17 along with various representatives of other institutions of the city and the Pafos’ province were also present.

During the visit, the officials were informed about the successful operation of the Pafos airport. In addition, current issues related to the country’s connectivity were also discussed, especially regarding the passenger traffic, which this year is expected to reach a new record of arrivals. Also, during their visit, the officials had the opportunity to discuss development projects and the need for further support of projects related to the tourism industry.

There was an exchange of views on the need to add more hotel rooms in the summer period and the need to maintain hotel accommodation on a yearly basis so as to achieve a reduction in seasonality.

The importance of effective communication and the cooperation between all the parties involved in the tourism industry, on a continuous basis were also emphasized.

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