Hermes Airports and CTO at the annual conference “Routes World 2017”

NewHermes Airports and CTO at the annual conference “Routes World 2017”

New promising prospects for Cyprus’ aviation connectivity creates the successful presence of Hermes Airports and CTO at the annual conference “Routes World 2017”

The participation of Hermes Airports and CTO in the works of the annual «Routes World 2017» airline development conference was crowned with great success.

This year’s conference was held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, between 23-26 September and involved hundreds of airlines, airports and tourism agency representatives who discussed possible partnerships as well as wider changes and trends in the aviation sector.

A delegation from Hermes, headed by the Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, Ms Maria Kouroupi and a delegation from the Cyprus Tourism Organization, headed by the Deputy General Manager Mr. Marinos Menelaou made their presence at the conference.

At this year’s conference, the Cypriot delegation held 25 meetings with airlines and representatives of other airports, with very positive signs for the winter and summer period of 2018 and widely the future ahead, 2019.

It seems that a joint presence with a single strategy and concerted actions helps to attract new airlines and increase flights on existing routes. Based on discussions on «Routes», there is a clear evidence that in addition to the increases already announced for next summer, about six new routes will be added, which will be announced as soon as they are finalized.

In this context, Hermes Airports and the Cyprus Tourism Organization reaffirm their close cooperation, determination and commitment to strengthening the tourism industry in Cyprus.

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