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The cultural wealth bequeathed to Cyprus through millennia requires handling  by cultured persons gifted with a rich inner self who can aptly project it and develop it alongside the achievements of modern Cypriots.

A man of such charisma, Stavros Hadjisavvas, driven by a deep love for his homeland ventures through Cyprus Highlights to offer an electronic access to the Cypriot cultural garden of Eden.

Follow in long months of meticulous preparation Cyprus Highlights boasts to have become the most diversified, functional and responsible cultural calendar of Cyprus.

Visit it, enjoy it, through it get to love, even more, Cyprus this small yet great world.

Leonidas Malenis

Nicosia 20/09/2010


Cyprus Highlights represents, beyond any doubt, the first thourough and successful venture of presenting worldwide the Cyprus civilization and culture in its entity.

Constituting a multidimensional internet Cyprus portal, it can be legitimately termed a successful website  work of cultural infrastructure which carries to the four corners of the world our principles and values.

Congratulations are in order to Stavros Hadjisavvas who conceived this brilliant idea.

Theodoros Dionysiou

Nicosia 26/09/2010


I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 09/08/2010 concerning the website  you intend to create in the internet. It is gratifying to be informed of your interest to promote Cyprus and I congratulate you on your commendable initiative.

As regards your request for support and cooperation through the provision of  information concerning culture in our country, we are in a position to inform you that due to the importance laid  by the government and President Demetris Christofias on the overall culture and the promotion of cultural activities in Cyprus, the Ministry of Education and Culture has decided to include you in the list of recipients of electronic mail which informs the mass media as well as the mailing list for printed material from the   MOEC so that you may have direct update for your website.

Congratulations on your commendable initiative and happy prospects .


Andreas Demetriou

Minister of Education and Culture

Nicosia 06/10/2010