Cyprus Highlights – Identity

Cyprus Highlights – Identity

I welcome you all to this vermiform encyclopedic internet portal a pioneering venture in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture, The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and the Cyprus Tourism Organization.

Cyprus Highlights exhibits the uniqueness of a two-way contact and cooperation with bodies and organizations of local administration throughout Cyprus.

Based on  the main purpose and goal not only of the sound promotion of the vermiform Cyprus tourist product but also of the right promotion  of our country in the global pathways of the internet we created the Cyprus Highlights.

Cyprus Highlights presents Cyprus through the eyes of the new generation with the warm wish that you enjoy the unique experience of visiting our island.

In  the projection of cultural issues prevails as we firmly believe that it is culture that unites people and annihilates barriers.

An extremely crucial parameter in this venture is the correct projection and promotion of the Cyprus tourist product in its entity through the international pathways of the internet employing novel methods and techniques.

This is the first time ever that the opportunity is afforded a two-way communication for the visitor of the website as regards specific themes. This two-way communication is achieved though the opportunity the visitor has to add personal comments or remarks in the website under each article and or participate in the assessment scheme.

Get acquainted with the charm concealed in our small homeland and encounter in your wanderings on the island images and events which will transport you back in time -centuries back.

We are here to welcome you with a smile directly from our heart and an armful of surprises.

We are looking forward too welcoming you to the sun blessed island of Cyprus.

Executive Director

Stavros Hadjisavvas

P.S. Dedicated to my heroes, Phoebos and Eleni. My parents who brought me up on Greek and Christian principles and values. I vividly recall trips and family excursions throughout our homeland during my childhood both for getting acquainted with Cyprus and for pleasure…

Thank you!