Promotion Through our Site … !!!

Promotion Through our Site … !!!

Dear visitor

It is with gratification that we communicate with you to inform you of the establishment and operation of our website  aiming at catering forn a service rather non- existant so far   concerning the correct projection and promotion of the overall Cyprus tourist product.

Cyprus Highlights has a constantly  open communication channel with the Ministry of Education and Culture the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism, and the Cyprus Tourist Organisation as well as with bodies and institutions of local administration.

We are already in the second decade of the 21st century, considered the starting point of globalisation as well as the mass use by man of the new means of communication and tecnology.

Bearing these in mind and the fact that we belong to the younger generation we venture through  Cyprus Highlights to present  Cyprus through the eyes of the younger generation as well as to offer  the the global citizen an original and innovative product so indispensible for the Cyprus tourist industry.

Cyprus Highlights is an encyclopaedic pilot venture and a cultural calendar of our small country in the global pathways of the internet.

Additiojnally ,it is a means of a two-way communication with its visitors achieved through the oppotunity offered to actively participate by adding personal comments and remarks under each thematic unit or category as weel as by filling in the relavant assessment scale.

Visitors to pur website can find informative and guiding material concerning topics such as archeological sites, museums, theaters, cinema, services and even such thematic issues as religious tourism, tourism and environment or sports tourism.

All these fall into further categories which operate supportingly in the soundly structured presentation and projection of the particular sections of the Cyprus tourist product.

Considerably important parameters offered by the Cyprus Highlights to its visitors are the weather forecast for all the unoccupied area of the Republic of Cyprus (updated  automatically every 5 minutes as it is directly connected with the metereological service) as well as the relevant software connected, on a daily basis, to the American stock market offering the currency rates of the Euro in  about 60 different countries as well as an automatic convertor of the currency rates.

Promoting your business through our website includes the following:

A  Hosting relevant informative text (no word limit) concerning what your business offers initially in greek and eventually in English when procedures are concluded.

B  Creating a relevant gallery with a limitless nummer of images and or fotographs connected to your business.

C  An offer for promotion through audial means.

D  An offer for promotion through audiovisual means.

E  An assessment scale on request and comments ; We offer overt or covert database of comments and assessment by the visitors on your business advertised , recorded in our website.

F  We offer the possibility of creating your own  types of items for an opinion poll  for  “secretely ” recording views and impressions of your visitors on particular sectors of your business. This aims at creating a database of complaints and possible deficiencies noted  by your visitors. We are fully aware that this is a very delicate matter but we safeguard procedures and actions of complete discretion as regards the handling ,forwarding and presentation to you of the results through state of the art graphs and statistical tables.

G  Advertising your business on the initial page (regulated by a rotating, random choice) matching relevant articles.

H  Advertising your business on the initial page (regulated by a rotating, random page) through the  slider.

I   In addition posting an advertisement on the webpage of the Cyprus Highlights is feasible in the relevant banners.

J Moreover, it is possible to renew the content of the sector concerning your business up to twice yearly, free of charge.

K  We would appreciate if we were included in your mailing  list of update and information so that we can publish and project your various activities and or events.

L  You also have the opportunity to project your own commercial audiovisual data through Cyprus Highlights in very moderate prices.

M  You may appear as the sole sponsor offering information on any particular thematic unit you may choose to support on condition of availability (eg archeological sites, museums etc).

Cyprus Highlights is offering to take you along in this global pathway of the internet and promote your business in an igenious, easy and modern way, above all well and economically.

Our well trained personnel ,always prompt and well disposed is ready to to guide and advise you as concerns the most suitable projection and promotion of your business.

Feel free to contact us for any further clarification or querries.

I remain, yours

Team BA (MA)Tourism Business Management


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