Προσφερόμενες Υπηρεσίες στην Κύπρο



Common knowledge and applied practice clearly indicates that Cyprus, apart from its natural beauties, has progressed by leaps and bounds in the sector of services.

Cyprus Highlights ,in its effort to project the variety of  services offered by Cyprus, presents collectively the most important services offered which can make your stay on the island more interesting, comfortable and pleasant.

Specifically, Cyprus Highlights lists all types and classes of hotels, accommodation for agro tourism, restaurants, night clubs, cafes, pharmacies and hospitals  in all the towns as well as the overall network of means of transport.

An important element is the weather forecast. Reliable and immediate information on changing weather conditions on the island is offered  on a forecast table automatically updated every 5 minutes. In addition, currency rates in relation to the Euro for about 60 countries are given on a daily basis.

A special sector lists all the incoming and outgoing flights to and from the two airports of Cyprus, Larnaca and Pafos.

Our constant aim is to correctly update locals and foreigners alike on procedures rendering their stay and transport an easy and a enjoyable matter.

We urge you to visit the information offices of the Cyprus Tourism Office   (located in all towns) where a well trained and eager personnel is at your disposal for correct guidance.

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