Synedros has been created to fill the gap in congress tourism industry as congress & event planner.

Our fully qualified and experienced personnel is at your disposal in order to organize and conduct congresses and other high quality events.

Our vision and objective is to have Cyprus included among the world congress organizers in order to have congresses and other events organized worldwide.

Synedros has been created based on high-level standards offering something modern, different, original…

Young and pleasant people are ready to help you organize any event…

Our Achievements

Synedros, even if it’s a new company in congress tourism industry, is one of the few companies in Cyprus that organized world-class, ministerial congresses, hosting more than 10 country delegations and more than 100 gownsmen and other personalities.

Synedros provides all the services that are required in order to organize properly any event. These services cover the organization of international congresses, meetings, summits, scientific symposia, seminars, cultural and artistic events, etc.

Identification Titles

One of the major problems of the congress tourism industry in Cyprus is the lack of control and audit institutions for companies providing event & congress services without having the operating license granted by the Cyprus Tourism Organization.

Synedros is a congress planner recognized by the Cyprus Tourism Organization. Its administrative staff participate in international organizations and scientific companies in order to be constantly informed on the developments and the changes regarding the congress industry worldwide.

Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) / Coordination Bureau

Trying to organize fully a high-standard congress or event as well as to improve the services that are provided in such cases requires the establishment of a department that may successfully accomplish this mission.

Our company is probably the only one in Cyprus that may provide CVB service, a fully staffed department that is ready any time to host thousands of visitors, meeting the needs of your congress. The personnel of the CVB service, is, during the congress, is contact with the other organizing departments and supervises the organizing services in order to improve them, turning away any last-minute issues in suspense.

The experienced CVB team consists of congress marketing & planning specialists and specialized tourism experts.

The CVB service is provided free of charge during your congress or event and is considered as one of the most professional and integrated sections of congress tourism in Cyprus.

Our professional Convention & Visitors Bureau staff is ready to assist you with a variety of event services. Allow us to be your meeting resource from beginning to end. Consider the bureau as an extension of your staff when planning your next Congress.


The heading goal of Synedros is to provide and present integrated ideas, solutions and services related to the event we deal with each time. The services of Synedros focus on the following fields:

  • Congress organization and management
  • Congress tourist management
  • Secretarial support of congresses
  • Marketing management
  • Corporate Communications and Public Relations
  • Strategic Communication Management of congresses
  • Lobbying
  • Financial management and sponsoring


Synedros Technology investment with Hellas Sat in the field of Video Conferencing, helping us develop Satellite Conferences.

Synedros Plus

Synedros Plus is not a service but a study & analysis team of the event that you wish to organize aiming at finding the services that might be required in order to meet your needs and expectations.

Synedros + provides some of its services such as the communication sponsoring or the news coverage of your event free of charge.

The charm of Cyprus

Our company draws up the corresponding checklist for your event and you have to select among the services that are provided which ones you may need for your event or congress.

CVB quality & control service is provided free of charge to clients.

Cyprus has a mystic charm. The history and the civilization of Cyprus coexist.

Exquisite hotels, built by the sea and close to monuments, may provide the traveller with all kinds of comforts. Dreamlike swimming pools, gardens, beaches and spas may be at your disposal…

Supermodern resorts and hotels, traditional houses, villas, furnished apartments, tourist villages and exquisite landscapes untouched for ages may be found across the coastline of the island, from Agia Napa –eastwards – to Paphos – westwards…

Feel the taking rhythm of the inland: step-by-step, you may find traditional villages with stone walls and picturesque roads.
You may find accommodation in traditional houses at a low cost. Visit ancient orthodox churches that are on the hills and admire their Byzantine murals.

From Limassol to Paphos, the road is wide open, showing up a bird’s eye view. Snowy rocks stand for ages as imperious guards of honor over the aquamarine sea.

The sun lovers may enjoy their lunch and swim by the Aphrodite’s Rock, a huge rock, when Aphrodite appeared, emerging from the whitecaps of the sea.

In Akamas, people may swim at the cave where the goddess of love used to bathe her body after her love adventures.

Throughout Cyprus, the Mediterranean landscape has a beauty that lasts for ages since the ancient times: The Castles of the Crusaders surrounded by tall cypresses, the Greek-Roman theatres built through the rocks and the Byzantine monasteries built on mountaintops may take your breath.

The modern and the ancient elements coexist in the towns of Cyprus. Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is surrounded by Venetian walls and ramparts that have the shape of a heart.

In Larnaca, one may visit St. Lazaros Church hosting the crypt of the Saint who was resurrected by Christ.

In Paphos, one may see the Roman mosaics representing Dionysus, Achilles and wonderful scenes from mythology.

Due to its legendary beauty, Cyprus got this mystic charm and many people fought hard in order to conquer this land that has a significant geopolitical position. Hidden in the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea, on the crossroads of three continents, Cyprus is the third biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cyprus has a leading role worldwide. The rich deposits in copper, since the ancient times, made Cyprus that was named after them have this leading role worldwide.

The visitor, who enjoys traveling, who likes archaeology or loves the nature may discover the countless surprises of the island…. Those who visit the island for business purposes may admire the congress facilities and enjoy the sea that is close by. Cyprus is bathed by the sun 300 days a year…

Thus, Cyprus is a unique island, situated in a perfect location; it’s a land worthy of its mystic charm.

Congress Tourism

Congress tourism is essential for the economic, social and political development of any country. As regards Cyprus, its worldwide promotion as an ideal destination for congress purposes, is, during the last decade, a top priority for many Ministries, Government bodies and private corporations. However, during the last years, only a few initiatives have been taken to this direction, even though Cyprus has many assets against other Mediterranean countries.

Synedros tries to illustrate these significant advantages of Cyprus as regards the congress tourism. The quality & control services as well as the congress process challenge (CVB) are one of the powers of the congress tourism of Cyprus. Advantages as the excellent weather conditions, the unique nature, the modern congress infrastructure and the high congress standards, the sense of security in our country may be considered as some of the tools that are used by Synedros in order to organize high-standard congresses.